Scam Warning

Rainier Legal Center, Inc. is hereby publishing this warning to the public regarding fraud that a scam artist committed on 9-11-2017 against our law firm. A large out of state financial company retained our law firm to collect a loan Dochnahl Construction, Inc. supposedly owed a large financial company (Venta Fianncial Group, Inc./Jason Madiedo) in Las Vegas. This scam artist used Dochnahl Constructionís partial stationery, prepared a fraudulent cashierís check from their company, and even prepared a fictitious Loan Agreement signed by a prior owner of their company. Fortunately, our law firmís bank timely discovered that the cashierís check was forged or our firm would have been out $195,000.00. Thankfully, these people were not successful with this scam. Dochnahl never had any dealings nor did they ever enter into such agreement . Our firmís desire is to warn others so they do not fall for this scam and very wrong doing.